Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A better day

Yesterday was one of those days at work. I got my ass chewed right away in the morning for something that was not in any way my fault. Note to bosses around the world: check your inbox, all the way to the very bottom, for something before you go howl at your underling for not getting it to you. And if you’re not going to check your inbox, if you’re just going to let stuff pile up in there, let people know so we can put important papers somewhere you will check.

Then the rest of the day was spent feeling a little dumb and incompetent. We had summit meetings for some of the cases I’m on and my contributions to them are always so useless. “Uh, sounds good to me.” Seriously, just leave me in my office to drool, folks, I don’t bring anything worthwhile to the table.

Today, though, is looking up. I was invited to speak at an upcoming conference, which is mildly terrifying and slightly flattering all at once, because of an article I coauthored several weeks ago.*

I got to have lunch with an awesome pal today and the restaurant we were at was basically networking central. In the course of our meal we saw about half a dozen people one or the other of us knew.

I’m wearing cute shoes and my feet are not bleeding.

I won’t have to work from home tonight for the first time all week.

*In the legal profession, “coauthored” means “wrote and stuck my boss’ name in the byline.” More or less. The boss in this instance did edit and offer suggestions, but the little one page article was mostly mine.


SLynnRo said...

When I was in law school, I completely rewrote a presentation my boss was giving at a CLE. I had a "special thanks" at the bottom. I wanted to give her a special "EFF YOU" afterwards.

Janet said...

Ahhh, co-authorship in the law firm... what a charming profession we have!