Monday, August 18, 2008

Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession: I own a pair of leggings.

I bought them less than a month ago. KVE and I were at the mall using our free panty coupons at Victoria’s Secret and I saw the leggings on the clearance rack. I bought them. They say “Pink” across the butt. They’re awful.

But here’s the deal: I come home from work and immediately strip off my work clothes. I then put on confortable clothing. My favorite comfy clothes are my running tights. The problem with that is that when I want to go running, my running tights are always in the wash.

I really don’t need any more disincentive to run. Really do not.

So, I bought the leggings to lounge in so my workout gear is there when it’s time to workout.

I hereby swear to never wear these leggings in public. Unless, perhaps, in the case of very dire emergencies, like my house being on fire or my dog playing in traffic. Even then, I might strip and deal with the emergency in my undies.

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