Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hangover Cures

A friend of mine recently had her very first hangover. And, oh, it was bad.

A champagne hangover is a particularly wicked kind of hangover. It's my personal belief that the only thing worse than a champagne hangover is a tequila hangover.

But the poor girl didn't know what to do for the hangover, having never had one before.

I have several hangover remedies and, for posterity's sake, I'm going to share them here.

The first one I learned in college, sort of a preventative maintenance cure, is to eat a large handful of dry cereal before bed, chasing it with at least 2 glass of water, take a couple of Advil and a couple Tums, and go to bed.

If you're too drunk to do the eat-before-bed routine, start the next morning off with a handful of Advil, some Tums, a full-sugar soda, like Coke (no diet drinks), a couple of pop tarts, and a viewing of the movie The Trouble with Angels.

In Mexico, the cure for a hangover is a very spicy tamale and a shot glass of beer.

More recently I've learned that a semi-effective cure is an Egg McMuffin, assuming you get up early enough to get McDonald's breakfast, and a Gatorade. If you can't have the Egg McMuffin, head to Perkins and get the Eggs Benedict or some other breakfast that is chock full of salt and fat. Choke it down!

Anyone else have a favorite hangover remedy?


Tessie said...

Short of an IV drip, the preemptive Advil and hair of the dog are the only two things that ever work for me.

Although, I could really go for some Perkins, now that you mention it, so THANKS FOR THAT. Texas is a barren Perkins-less wasteland.

Buster said...

I thought Perkins were everywhere! I had no idea there were none in Texas. Do you at least have a Cracker Barrel?