Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wherein Buster might have accidently convinced her dad to go to law school

DaddyBuster (4:26:55 PM): i shoulda been a lawyer. i'd have been good at doing that sorta shit.

SassyBuster (4:27:18 PM): bet you could get a scholarship if you went back. you'd be a gunner though. no one likes a gunner.

DaddyBuster (4:27:28 PM): what's a gunner?

DaddyBuster (4:28:19 PM): if i could get a scholarship like you got, i think i'd actually be tempted to go back, even if i only got to practice for a few years before retiring.

SassyBuster (4:28:55 PM): hand-raiser, answer-volunteerer, annoying-question-asker-five-seconds-before-class-would-have-been-out. Basically kiss-asses. Although you'd be doing it not to kiss ass but because you genuinely gave a crap, so that's not technically a gunner.

SassyBuster (4:29:00 PM): apply. why not?

SassyBuster (4:29:19 PM): my law school offers scholarships like they're bubblegum. I still have most of my notes and textbooks - you'd be golden.

DaddyBuster (4:29:42 PM): my high school history teacher used to refer to me as the devil's advocate.
maybe i will apply. doesn't actually cost much.

SassyBuster (4:30:17 PM): and it'd be fun to see if you get in and how much money they offer you. :-)

DaddyBuster (4:30:35 PM): yeah, that's actually about 80 percent of the reason i might do it.

DaddyBuster (4:32:29 PM): wouldn't i have to take the LSAT?

SassyBuster (4:32:38 PM): oh yeah. that. yup.

DaddyBuster (4:32:53 PM): multiple guess test. how hard can it be?

SassyBuster (4:35:01 PM): hahahahaha! 4 sections: reading comprehension (cake walk); analytical reasoning (also easy); logic games (sucks majorly); writing sample (easy). I still have nightmares about the logic games part.

SassyBuster (4:35:12 PM): But I must have done okay because I got a pretty high score.

SassyBuster (4:37:37 PM): also, the bar exam was a multiple guess test and it made me want to crawl under a desk and cry. Do not underestimate the cruelty of those test writers.

DaddyBuster (4:38:07 PM): well, i created an LSAC account. i'll fill out the application later.

SassyBuster (4:38:24 PM): awesome.

DaddyBuster (4:38:43 PM): when do i have to take the lsat and how long does it take?

SassyBuster (4:40:22 PM): it's a half day exam offered 3 or 4 times a year. You can't really STUDY for it, you just do practice questions so you get a feel for them and recognize certain kinds of problems when you see them. I think I put in about 10 or 12 hours of practice time total in the two months before I took the exam.

DaddyBuster (4:40:37 PM): 57 may be too old to be doing this shit.

SassyBuster (4:40:43 PM): nah. never too old.

DaddyBuster (4:41:15 PM): i mean, realistically, who'd hire someone who's 60 or 61 when he gets outta school?

SassyBuster (4:41:17 PM): The next LSAT is offered Sat. Dec. 6 and you need to do your registration by Nov. 4.

SassyBuster (4:42:08 PM): There were all sorts of older people starting second careers in my law school class. A lot of them got jobs clerking for judges.

DaddyBuster (4:42:45 PM): maybe i will. i'm ready for a new challenge. motorcycle riding, scuba diving. now law. what the hell?

SassyBuster (4:45:16 PM): it's worth a shot, if you're bored and like studying.

DaddyBuster (4:46:54 PM): yeah, well, mostly i think i'd be pretty good at it. i'll probably attack the application on friday morning.

SassyBuster (4:47:15 PM): let me know how it goes.

DaddyBuster (4:47:35 PM): yeah, i may never do it. but it's something to think about.

DaddyBuster (4:48:25 PM): did you have to go thru an interview with the law school before admission?

SassyBuster (4:48:37 PM): nope. you have to write an admissions essay though.

DaddyBuster (4:48:55 PM): piece of cake. i'll send 'em one of my newspaper stories. they'll never know the difference.

SassyBuster (4:49:27 PM): well, the essay is usually about why you want to go law school

DaddyBuster (4:49:40 PM): not a problem. i'll baffle 'em with bullshit.

SassyBuster (4:50:00 PM): that's what we all did.

DaddyBuster (4:50:23 PM): i've been training to write that essay since i started working for newspapers. :-D

DaddyBuster (4:51:20 PM): plus, i'd get a nifty bookstore discount on computers and software. hey! this is starting to sound like a real win-win situation!!!:-D

DaddyBuster (4:51:57 PM): then maybe i should persuade your mom that she should go back to school and complete a bachelor's degree. been trying off and on for years with no success.

SassyBuster (4:53:37 PM): she likes her spare time too much.

DaddyBuster (4:53:49 PM): yeah.

SassyBuster (4:54:12 PM): plus, you two would always be fighting over who's turn it is to cook because you both have finals and have to study. (Hint: law school trumps. ALWAYS)

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