Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Randomness

I got busted singing along with my ipod while waiting for the train. Patty Griffin’s Rain. Not a happy song, really, but one that you just can’t help but hum along with. And for me, humming is just a step away from singing. And, oh, my singing is bad. The guy who elbowed me obviously agrees.

The mister is out of town this weekend and SIL will be up north packing up some more of her belongings, so I’ve got the house to myself. I plan on not wearing pants as much as possible.

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. I suggest you drop an Arrrr, matey into a conversation today.

I am learning to crochet, which, after years of knitting, you think would be easy, but it’s NOT and it’s pissing me off.

I got an embroidered lamp shade for our pink office. (Have I told the pink office story? I won the battle for kitchen and bedroom paint colors, so the mister got to win the battle for the living room/dining room/office paint colors. We’re pretty egalitarian that way. So, he wins. He picks the two most boring colors in the world for the living room and dining room – barely gray and barely yellow. And then he picks a violent, violent pink for the office.) Since the office is so very pink, when KVE pointed out the lamp shade embroidered with flowers and vines and little blue birds, I bought it. It’s obnoxiously cute when placed in the pink office. True to KVE’s predictions, MIL spotted the pink office and the twee lampshade and immediately assumed that we’re having a girl. NOT PREGNANT, folks. Incontrovertible proof to the opposite, actually.

I’m off the ledge I was on earlier this week. Some friends have pumped up my confidence and are helping in other, more tangible ways as well, and once I had a good cry and a bowl of ice cream, I started feeling significantly better. I’m a simple creature.

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Molly said...

Show us a picture! I love anything cutesy-cutesy, especially anything with flowers and birds!