Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On Sarah Palin

This will come as no shock to any of you, but I’m putting it out there: I’m a Democratic. Fed the rhetoric of unions, a woman’s right to choose, and social responsibility from a young age by a journalist father and a union-loving, feminist mama, my love for the left side grew throughout college. In a law school that felt stiflingly right-wing (even though I knew it wasn’t, it’s just that the nutjobs were so much LOUDER than the rest of us), I cemented my beliefs.

I lean so far to the left that sometimes I circle around and bite myself in the ass.

Sarah Palin (McCain’s VP pick for those of you that have been living in a box the last few days), well, I think McCain made a big honking mistake in selecting her.

One, he’s pandering to all the Hilary voters. I find pandering offensive.

Two, if he is trying to garner the Hilary voters, he picked a women whose actions as a politician sort of go against Hilary and what Hilary worked for.

Three, McCain has to be able to stand up and say that he thinks Palin is capable and experienced enough for the job of VP but also for the job of President, which she might very well have to do given McCain’s age. Kind of tough when he’s been yanking at Obama for not being neither of those things, yet Obama and Palin’s experience is relatively comparable (I think Obama's experience = better and more valuable, but for now, we'll stick with "relatively comparable").

I will not be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. And I will be disappointed if they move into the White House.


To quote Plain-Jane, “I welcome the day when a member of MY VERY OWN SEX has the opportunity to offend me at this high level” (emphasis in original).

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