Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I listen to music at work. Silence freaks me out and my workplace is QUIET. We all stay in our little offices and, other than the hum of the copier or ringing phones, it is eerily quiet. After years of brothers, roommates, dorms, and living with the mister, I find that sort of silence unnerving.

So I have one of those radios where you can plug your ipod into it or listen to standard AM/FM radio stations. I listen to my ipod for most of the day, since I find radio shows somewhat irksome (what with all the talking and the stupid jokes and the call-in games that showcase humanity’s deterioration). I do occasionally switch on Cities 97 or KQ92 or, if I’m having a day, I’ll put on 93X, but only after their morning show is over because I HATE their morning show.

My ipod contains an odd mix of music. Lots of floaty acoustic songs, oldies, swing music, some classical music, a fair amount of hard stuff, and some truly obnoxious pop music that I love. Some of the songs have explicit lyrics, and since the music is just on in the background and I’m not actually focused on the lyrics, I don’t always notice.

I figured I’d get busted for listening to inappropriate music eventually, even though I keep it pretty quiet. Sure enough, the Damien Rice song Rootless Tree was echoing around my office when my boss came in, and, oops, that song goes fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and all you do about 90 times. Totally not office appropriate (though sometimes the sentiment is very accurate).

So today I’m taking it easy. I found an old Apocalyptica CD in the pit of garbage that is my basement and loaded it onto my ipod. Apocalyptica, FYI, is a string quartet that made it big making instrumental versions of Metallica songs. It’s just the tiniest bit subversive. I like that.

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-R- said...

I accidentally embarrassed a paralegal when I walked into her office as her ipod shuffled onto Jay Z or some rap song that had a few explicit lyrics. I didn't even notice, but she blushed and dove for the ipod. =)