Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Cold and flu season has begun. The entire upper Midwest is now enjoying runny noses, plugged sinuses, hacking coughs and the occasional violent sneeze.

We all expect it. Once people’s children start heading back to school in the fall, people begin preparing for illness. Children bring germs home, parents bring germs to the office, and the whole world slowly collapses under the weight of snot.

So when cold and flu season rolls around and one of my bosses mentions that his daughter is home sick from school, I know what’s coming. Within a few days, his assistant will develop a stuffy nose. Then, like wildfire, illness spreads through the office. I bring my cough home with me and the mister is soon felled by it.

Right now the mister and I are both hovering in that not sick, but not quite healthy phase. Immuno-limbo. Achy, a little stuffy, very tired. But not really sick. Not sick enough to justify calling in to work, not sick enough to make hot tea and chicken noodle soup the only food and beverage options, not sick enough to garner sympathy. Just sick enough to be a little uncomfortable and kind of annoyed.

Eventually we’ll be sick, all the way sick. I’m actually hoping for that just so I can get sick, get some rest, and get better. This whole half-assed illness thing is just wearing me out.

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MOLLY said...

I'm glad I'm getting full-bore sick out of the way - maybe I'll develop some sort of super-strength immune system to fight off the germies for the rest of the winter. A girl can dream, right?