Monday, December 1, 2008

In a Funk

Pardon me, but I am in a foul mood. Have been for a while. I might as well just be honest and put that out there. I am cranky, depressed, whiny, miserable, and generally not much fun right now.

My husband deserves an award for not losing his temper with me, my friends are all up for sainthood with their unending support and kindness, and the whole universe deserves a big thank you for putting up with me.

I realize how lucky I am. I have a wonderful family and amazing friends. I have a home, a car, a dog, and a life 99% of the rest of the world can only dream of.

And still, I’m in a funk.

I’m sure a lot of it is job related. There’s nothing quite so demoralizing as getting up every morning dreading the rest of the day. Puts me in a bad mood right off the bat and keeps me there all day.

Some of it is seasonal. I hate that the days are getting shorter and the temperature colder. I hate that leaving my house now requires planning. I have to leave time for defrosting and scraping the car, time for slick roads, and time for searching for my other mitten. I hate that I will only see the sun out my office window: it doesn’t rise until I’m at my desk and it sets before I leave for the day.

Some of it is just outright bitchiness.

Some of it is dissatisfaction with myself. I had some very definite goals for myself and I have not met them and am mad at myself for failing.

I just want to slink back to bed, pull the covers over my head, have a good cry, and stay there forever.


Janet said...

This entire post took the words right out of my mouth.

If I find the solution (so far, all I can come up with is winning the lottery and quitting work -- not the most likely option), I'll let you know.

MOLLY said...

I'm sorry Buster. I would make it all better if I could. I think I'll procrastinate at work by trying to invent a magic wand.

Anonymous said...

I think the funk is going around...I seem to have it too. I don't even feel like knitting lately.