Monday, December 15, 2008

Random information about me

I stockpile Kleenex at work. I don’t know why, but I always have one box on my desk and one box in my drawer.

I think Potbelly’s Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich is the perfect breakfast food and if it weren’t for my current cash shortage and my interest in not being fat, I’d eat one every day.

I am mildly obsessed with this website. Ranch life in Oklahoma. Four children. Homeschooling. Two years ago I’d have said this was my idea of hell, but now, it sounds oddly appealing, living that closely to the land and working that closely with your family. Her recipes are wonderful, her photography is beautiful and her writing is a pleasure to read.

I can drink my husband under the table. This is not to say that I can hold my liquor worth a damn, because I cannot. It’s more that his incredible metabolism means he gets tipsy very very quickly off very little liquor. He’s a one drink wonder.

I am absurdly proud of the fact that here in Minnesota we wear Uggs and other boots for FUNCTION, not for fashion.

I own wool over-the-knee socks and I have worn them. To work.

There is one project I want to knit very badly: a shawl for my mom. I haven’t started because I want it to be PERFECT and I cannot decide what the pattern should be – square, rectangular, triangular; lacy or solid; heavily patterned or very plain? I know the materials: wool, in gray or black, and very lightweight. I want her to be able to roll it up and put it in her carry-on so that when she and my dad travel, she can have something warm to wrap up in on the plane and something a little bit sassy to toss over her clothes when they go out on the town in Madrid or Rome or Merida or wherever they happen to be.

I have lost 30 pounds from my heaviest weight, which is really only half of what I want to lose. I have leaned out a lot, though, and I like that a lot.

The fact that my boss brought in a giant bag of peanut brittle today might undo some of that, though. I have a weakness for peanut brittle.

The fact that my younger brother and husband are friends is one of my greatest joys. They get along, they hang out, they do stuff together, they like each other. I love it.

Cowboys do it for me. Seriously. Check this out if you need to see why.

Also: hands. Masculine hands, not pretty manicured hands.

My secret dream is to be romance novelist. Or a photographer. (not so secret anymore, huh?)

I find facial piercings nauseating.

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MOLLY said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's incredible!