Saturday, January 3, 2009


My sister in law and her husband have two dogs. One is a five-year old German Shepherd mix named Jada. Jada is a good dog, very sweet, very obedient, very gentle. I love her.

Their other dog is an English Springer puppy named Rocco. Rocco is currently the same size as my little dog Charlie, but if he grows into his feet, he's going to be enormous.

SIL and her husband stayed with the mister and I on New Year's Eve, and they brought their dogs too. Charlie and Rocco wrestled the entire evening. My house was a wreck. They careened into furniture, bounced off of walls, knocked over trinkets, and generally made a mess.

Notes about the above photo: in the background is a piece of paper taped to the storm door for our sliding door. We would open the big door and our dog, so excited to go outside and pee, would run smack into the storm door, so the mister taped a piece of paper to the door to prevent the dog from knocking himself stupid.

Also in the background is a group of bells nailed up by the electrical socket. Our dog rings those when he wants to go outside.

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MOLLY said...

Love the shiny new floors!