Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sitting in the Sunshine

Sitting in the Sunshine
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I spent a lot of Easter weekend with my in-laws. The noise was incredible. The chatter of people talking over one another, my mother-in-law's shouted orders from the kitchen, the howling of at least 6 different dogs, men shooting skeet...it was intense.

At one point on Saturday afternoon, though, the men were out in a far-off field having some target practice, the crack of their shots muffled by distance, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law decided to go for a bike ride from which I politely declined to accompany them, so I got to sit on the porch in the sunshine and absorb the quiet.

Of course, the smell of sheep manure wafted up from my boots when the breeze blew in the right direction and I was accosted by a muddy dog a couple of times, but the blessed silence was worth it.


MOLLY said...

I love the cowboy boots! I've been looking for a cool pair during my thrift-store excursions - but I haven't found any yet. Where did you get yours?

Buster said...

I got those on sale a couple of years ago at Steve Madden (only I would own Madden boots and wear them, you know, on a horse and in fields and stuff). They were a dirt cheap $11 at their clearance sale. The mister scored some very nice boots at the RCC Western Wear in the Mall of America - they were a little more than $11, but still not too expensive.