Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A list of things that are annoying me today

Mouth noises. Chewing, slurping, gum-snapping, they all irritate the shit out of me. The dog licks things and sound of it makes me crazy. The mister will get something stuck in his teeth and rather than flossing it out, he sucks at his teeth and the noise makes me want to staple his tongue to his forehead.

The mess in my house. The mister has the entire garage, yet his crap has slowly migrated inside and is taking over the house. My office (MINE) is currently housing car parts, a shop vac, and an entire giant box full of junk. The basement has been overtaken by cabinets and shelves all housing his stuff. I have no space of my own, no place that isn’t being invaded by his belongings.

Hemp yarn. I’m knitting a little summer sweater out of a hemp/linen blend and I’m having a terrible time. The yarn is gorgeous, but weaving in ends is impossible and the yarn itself has no stretchiness, so it’s making my hands ache. If I didn’t want this sweater so badly, I’d give up.

My neighbor and his leaf-blower. At 6:30 in the morning. Blowing leaves and yard detritus into my garden.

Watering the garden and grass. Just rain already!

The fact that my mail doesn’t come until 6:00 at night, because I ordered some prints from our Utah trip and I want to hang them up.

Bathrooms that don’t have tampon dispensers.

The small yappy dog that lives behind us. He just sits at the fence and yaps and barks all day long until I think I might throw a piece of salami with a Tylenol PM rolled up inside of it over the fence.

Not being able to find a job. I got four rejection letters in one day last week. That’s depressing.

The fact that Principal Financial is holding my cash hostage and will not release it (that's a long, ugly story but the short of it is that I will NEVER voluntarily invest with them again).

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MOLLY said...

I enjoyed these mental images: (1) stapling your man's tongue to his forehead; (2) your neighbor dog passed out because he ate salami laced with Tylenol PM; and (3) you putting the beat down on Principal Financial - I hate them too. Bastards.