Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mille Lacs

The mister and I spent last weekend camping on the shores of Mille Lacs Lake with his sister and her husband.

And our three dogs.

Picnic Table

It was bitterly cold and the wind howled pretty much the entire weekend. It was too windy to take a boat out onto the lake, go bike riding, or do anything more exciting than take a walk and huddle near the campfire. But we still had a good time. I found a yarn store in Isle and scored two balls of wool sheared off the yarn store owner's own sheep. I then wondered how quickly I could knit it up into something warm; could I make a hat before bedtime?

It was Charlie's first ever camping trip (we've dropped him off at someone else's house every time we've gone out of town), and he did really well. The only bad part came when he got cold and wanted in my sleeping bag. With me. That got crowded and I ended up booting him out and using my jacket to cover him up instead.

Charlie Begging
He begged shamelessly for food all weekend long.

Chris and Luke with Puppies
My sister in law and her husband with their two dogs. You can see that my sister in law is wearing a lot of clothing. In fact, in this photo, I think she's rocking long johns, wool socks, jeans, 4 shirts, a jacket, a wool hat, and mittens. In May. Welcome to Minnesota.


MOLLY said...

And now it's freaking 90 degrees. WTF Mother Nature?

Buster said...

We had a 60 degree jump in 2 days! My poor internal thermostat is all screwed up.

NGS said...

Yeah, I was gonna say what Molly said. Freaking 93 degrees today. Freeways buckling! Wildfires in the greater metro area! Armageddon in Minneapolis!