Friday, September 18, 2009


In addition to my husband and brother, my house has seen a revolving population of men lately, with lots of friends stopping by to visit, help work on the mister’s Jeep or my brother’s car or hang out for movies and beer.

I have to keep stocking up on peanuts and beer, but it's fine.

But I’ve learned a lesson. Apparently peeing while standing up is a very arduous task, requiring more support than a man’s own two legs can provide.

I have made this deduction based on the proliferation of dirty, greasy handprints on the bathroom wall above the toilet.

Someone (obviously a man) is coming in from the garage, taking a leak, and leaning his dirty, grimy, garage-goo-coated hand against the wall while he does it, leaving smears and grease behind.

I have hung a note above the toilet. Do not lean a hand on this wall while you pee. If I have to scrub one more greasy handprint off this wall, I will kill you while you sleep. Also, please pee in the toilet, not on, around, or near. IN.

Men are gross. Or at least the ones that frequent my home.


MOLLY said...

Oh man, I want a sign too! I've cleaned sooo many greasy handprints in my time - but they're usually around lightswitches, door knobs, etc. Freaking dirty boys!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Wow. I was just wishing I had more male friends, but it sounds like the price for them is pretty steep. I should maybe rethink that.