Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I Love the Mister (Part 1)

5:45 I'm at work and get a text message from him.  I don't notice.

7:25 I read text message. It says, Our furnace is broken. Blowing black smoke all over the basement. Not good.

7:26 Panic attack, thinking of my two maxed out credit cards, my miniscule bank account balance, and the huge amount of money we’re going to owe the IRS, wondering how to add a new furnace into that mix.

7:28 I call him and ask how bad it is. He replies, "I spent two hours fixing it and machining new parts at work.  It’s blowing hot air again and the smoke has cleared."

7:32 I call him my hero, profess my undying love, and promise any number of favors of ANY variety. He fixed the furnace!


MOLLY said...

Haha - favors of "any" variety!

I keep Bob around for his fixing skills too. :)

sarah said...

Thank goodness you didn't read that text message right away!