Friday, March 12, 2010


I have been neglecting this space over here.

I have knitting projects I am DYING to talk about, but they are gifts for friends and I don’t want to ruin the surprise by talking about them here. These are the only projects I have been working on, since they have looming deadlines and are all big, labor-intensive projects. The only other project I work on is my simple sock, and that gets knit on between calls and on slow Sunday evenings at work.

I have some truly awesome work stories, but I cannot share them. I’ve decided I can blog about work in the general sense but not specifics. So I can tell you how the late hours are exhausting me, but not specific stories about callers or coworkers because I would like to be this job for a while. And when one works for a large, very technologically savvy corporation, one cannot blithely post all sorts of stories on the internet and expect the company not to find out.

So, no knitting and no work discussions.

The mister is neck deep in a calculus class and hasn’t been up to any really bloggable shenanigans lately; he’s been to busy studying

My brother is still living in my basement, but other than occasionally catching him coming home in the morning after a night out carousing, nothing really interesting happens with that either.

My Jeep is running great, so no stories about running out of gas on a freeway overpass (like that one time my Monte Carlo’s gas gauge malfunctioned) or having to drive over a curb because the car’s transmission refused to go into reverse (see the entire time I owned the Neon).

It’s too cold for my motorcycle still.

We’re on Day 6 of gray, rainy and foggy, so photography opportunities are slim.

Hell, even my dog isn’t up too much. Walks, chasing the laser point, licking the couch. Normal stuff.

So, things are either boring or secret, and the near silence will continue, just for a little while longer.



Pickles and Dimes said...

Your dog licks the couch? HAHAHHA.

We should do a doggy playdate at the dog park right by my workplace once this swampland finally dries out. I've been dying to take Shorty there forever.

Chris said...

Not even any pothole drama?! ;)