Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Babies in the Woods

This is the mister.  Yes, he's a redneck.

He and his friends went four-wheeling on Sunday afternoon. 

Look carefully at the above photo.  There's the Jeep (Shitbox V, for those of you keeping track).  There's a mudhole.  There's the mister, trucker cap and all.  And in the back seat of the Jeep...those pink things...good God, are those CAR SEATS?  Did you bring CHILDREN mudding with you? 

They did.

The mister and I are never having children.  I'd spend every moment they were out of my sight wondering what dangerous bad ideas he was coming up with and subjecting them to.  The stress would kill me.


Anonymous said...

Hahahhahahah - oh that Mister.

craft-chick said...

He is one of "them" as my Mother would put, a man...most times they just don't get it, hey, they knew where the kids were, right?