Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Thing I do that the Mister Hates

So, the mister makes me babysit his stuff and it makes me crazy. Want to know what I do that drives him nuts?

I get home from work and we have the following conversation:
Him: How was your day?
Me: Fine.

Over dinner:
Him: How was your day?
Me: Fine.
Him: Really, nothing interesting happened?
Me: No, nothing.

While on a walk, hanging on the couch, or tinkering with some home improvement project:
Him: How was your day?
Me: Fine.

In bed, lights off, he's seconds away from sleep:
Me: So, today at work my favorite client called and he totally got into another lawsuit and man, that guy's funny. And then my assistant got her hair done over lunch and it looks really good. She should always be a redhead. And then I talked to MJ and she's doing really well and she loves doing yoga; she hasn't had to go to the chiropractor since she started doing it. This total jerk stepped on my foot on the train and I hate when that happens, especially when it's warm out because I'm wearing open-toed shoes and it really hurts. Oh! I talked to your mom tonight and she wants me to remind you to send your tux measurements to the place up north so you can get a tux that fits for your sister's wedding. Also, you need to remember to pack your black dress shoes because you know the rental shoes that come with the tux aren't going to fit your big ol' flipper feet. Speaking of your sister's wedding, I'm knitting a shawl to wear over my bridesmaid's dress. Do you think it's tacky if I wear a black shawl? I mean, my only other option with that teal color is white and I think it's even tackier to wear white to another woman's wedding, so black is pretty much it, but still, black at a wedding. I'm not sure. Your mom will feel compelled to comment on it and then I'll get all bitchy and I don't want to ruin your sister's wedding by pushing your mom into the lake. But I don't want to freeze to death and Bemidji in early June means I probably will freeze to death, especially in that halter-backed dress.

Drives the poor man insane.

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Molly said...

haha! The same thing happens all the time at our house. Too funny.