Monday, June 30, 2008

Motorcycles as marketing tools

We have this client at work that I get a total kick out of. He’s just a couple years older than me, which is unusual given my field of law, and he works very hard at running his own business. He strikes me as the kind of guy the mister and my younger brother would welcome with beer and car talk.

He was in the office a few days ago and I was in a meeting with him and my boss. At the end of the meeting my boss asked if the client needed his parking validated. The client said no, he rode his motorcycle and parked it in the building garage. My boss, confused because parking in the building garage usually means parking fees, again offered the validations.

“[Boss],” I said, “the parking garage staff lets motorcyclists park for free down there.”

“How do you know?” boss said, turning to me.

“I park my motorcycle down there sometimes.”

The client perked up. “You ride a motorcycle?”

Some small talk ensued where we discussed make and model (he was thoroughly impressed with my R6, I’ll have you know). When he packed up and shook hands at the end of the meeting, the client goes, “Man, I love this firm. Great service, friendly people, and biker chicks on staff.”

My boss is now contemplating making that a firm motto.

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