Friday, June 27, 2008

Young lawyer eyeballs space under desk; is pretty sure she can fit under there for a nap

Last night I got home from work and the house was empty. The mister had yesterday off of work so he was down at his parents’ house working on restoring his 1966 Mustang. It was too nice of a day to sit inside but I wasn’t in the mood for gardening or yard-work and it was too hot to go for a jog, so I grabbed my helmet and jacket and went for a lovely long motorcycle ride.

I got home an hour and half later and found the mister in the bathroom staring at his own eyes in the mirror. Now, I like his eyes and have no problem staring at them, but it’s a little odd for him to do so.

He thought he’d gotten something in there while he was grinding but even after looking and flushing his eyes with saline and looking some more, I couldn’t find anything. He had dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed without too much complaining. Once we were tucked into bed, though, he complained. Oh, he complained a lot. He’d wait for me to doze off and then he’d jerk me awake again with whining or asking me to look in his eye again. Finally, around two a.m. he decided it was an emergency, so I got up, put on pants, and drove him to the ER.

Unfortunately, Mama Buster wasn’t working, so we couldn’t sneak in and out the way we normally do. The ER was also full of people with chest pains, teenagers who’d gotten busted for having an underage drinking party because three of the guests were in the hospital with alcohol poisoning, and really sick people. The mister’s “something in the eye” problem was relegated to the bottom of the list, resulting in a nice long wait.

When we did finally head back to a room, the doctor used a black-light responsive dye in the mister’s eye (the eye absorbs the dye and reacts to the light, anything that shouldn’t be there stands out against the glow). When she shut off the overhead lights and switched on the black-light the mister’s whole eye and a single tear track from that eye lit up. It was like a Halloween nightmare.

The doctor dug out a teeny-tiny scrap of metal, the mister got a prescription for antibiotic eyedrops, and I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep. I am grumpy, unreasonably irritable, and barely coherent.

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