Thursday, July 3, 2008


Because it’s the Thursday before a three-day weekend and I REALLY don’t feel like working, here’s a list of random crap:

I prefer to write with pencils. Not the mechanical clicky kind either. I like me a good number two pencil. My personal favorite is the Mirado Black Warrior, but I like these cute cherry ones I got a JoAnn’s for a buck too.

I knit a hat in a day the other day. I was nervous about getting my ass chewed at work and just generally twitchy and fidgety (fun!) so I put my energy into something constructive and got a Christmas gift done.

I listen to podcasts and knit on the train. My favorite is This American Life.

I looked at pictures from my sister in law’s wedding and I am big hair and boobs in every picture. I can’t decide if I look vulgar or just tacky. I am drunkity-drunk in many of the pictures from the reception. My plan for the weekend, which was executed quite well, was to start drinking when the mister and I got to Bemidji and just keep drinking until it was time to go home. My in-laws can be difficult.

I really like my sister in law’s husband. (Is he my brother in law or is there a different title for him?) We’re strangers together in a strange land and he makes Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter so much more bearable.

My office is a disaster. There is this very precarious stack of documents on the edge of my desk and every time I look at it I think “I should really move those,” but I never do.

I hate entering my time at work. HATE IT. If I ever go in-house or head for government work, my hatred of billable hours and time-tracking will be one of the biggest reasons.

I love the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.

I cannot write with a gel ink pen without getting it all over myself.

Ditto for highlighters.

I have this pair of Cynthia Rowley pumps I got at Saks Off Fifth for a small fortune. They are my favorite shoes and I’ve had them re-soled twice. They are one of the best fashion investments I’ve ever made.

I pick my cuticles.

I hate shopping for furniture.

I’m a pretty good cook if I want to be. When I am not happy about the meal I’m cooking, however, it will not be very tasty.

I love to make Boeuf Bourguignonne. It’s this fussy recipe involving lots of marinating and dredging in flour and browning and oh, God, is it good. It’s basically fancy beef stew but I love it.

I also love Diet Coke. You will never convince me it’s wrong!

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