Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recent Knitting Projects

Girlie socks for me. I made this pattern for my pal B for her birthday and loved it so much I’m making it for myself now. Admittedly, I loved her socks more (they were pink) but these are a close second.

Specs: WendyKnits’ Double Eyelet Toe-UP Socks, made in Dream in Color Smooshy, Giant Peach on size 1 needles.

Koolhaas hat for my younger brother. I had a hard time with the beginning of this pattern (I'm kind of slow) but once I figured out which cables were supposed to go which way, it went nice and quick.

Specs: Koolhaas by Jared Flood, made in Cascade 220 on size 6 and 8 16" circulars.

I made this shawl for my sister in law's wedding. It was in Bemidji and I was afraid I'd freeze to death without something to wear over my bare-it-all bridesmaid dress. Turns out it was warm enough that I didn't need it for most of the day (though perhaps I should have draped it over my chest to hide some of the cleavage I was flashing). I didn't block it very aggressively because I ran out of blocking pins at 11:30 at night the day before the mister and I were supposed to leave town for the wedding and didn't have time to wait until the next day when I could buy more pins, but despite that, this thing is huge. It's 42 inches deep and a more thorough blocking could probably get me another 5 or 6 inches in depth.

Specs: Flowerbasket Shawl by Evelyn Clark in Cascade 220 knit on size 10 needles. I used the leftover yarn from this shawl to make the hat above.

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Molly said...

You are such a knitting goddess! The black, lacey shawl is especially gorgeous!