Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Look Ridiculous

You wouldn’t believe my get up right now. I’m almost embarrassed by it, but since I’m home alone it doesn’t really count as a huge fashion faux pas.

(1) One of the mister’s t-shirts. A No Fear one that has a grouping of nuts (as in nuts and bolts) on the back. The line written under the nuts: 40 to Stay in the Race. Only 2 to Win. It smells like his cologne and I like that.
(2) A pair of pajama shorts that can best be termed excessively short. “Booty shorts” would be pretty accurate. Hey, my legs, since I’ve been better about working out and strength training, look awesome and if I want to wear booty shorts in my own house I will. (Also, is the appropriate spelling of that term “bootie” or “booty?”)
(3) A pair of pink knock-off Uggs. I needed new winter boots and when I spied this Minnetonka Moccasin pair at Nordstrom Rack, I jumped on them. They were on sale for very cheap. And in the dead, dark, gray, cold winter months, a pair of pink boots might go a long way in cheering me up. When my feet got cold, I got up to find my slippers and could only find the left one (no comments on my house-keeping, thankyouverymuch), but I found both the left and right boots.

I look ridiculous. But I’m comfy and my feet are warm and every once in a while I catch a whiff of the mister’s cologne and that’s enough for me right now.

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