Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day

Today has been interesting. Not because work is awkward or uncomfortable (though it is) and not because I'm still feeling sort of ooked out and generally unsettled in regards to my life (though I am). It's been interesting because I keep dropping things and/or getting hurt.

I bought a scone for breakfast this morning (whose appetite is back? Mine!), ran into KVE at the coffee shop (I love that she works close enough that we can have these chance encounters in the skyway), and then dropped my scone on the escalator. It rolled all the way down to the bottom. Sad. I really wanted that scone.

I stapled my thumb. This actually happens a lot.

I spilled a full glass of water down my right pant leg.

I ate an apple and got bits stuck in my teeth, so I went to floss and managed to knock my permanent retainer loose.

I forgot that the toilet seat in the middle stall is loose and managed to go careening into the TP dispenser.

I can’t wait to see what the evening holds!

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