Friday, October 31, 2008

Proof I might be the most accident prone human in the world

You wouldn’t believe my morning.

We had a hearing at work at 9, which means we had to leave our office by 8:30 to make sure we had plenty of time to make it through security, which means I had to be to the office by 8:00, which means I had to leave my house no later than 7:00. And it means that I had to be dressed and groomed for a 9 a.m. court appearance instead of my normal Friday jeans-sweater-semi-decent-shoes ensemble.

So I got up at 6, showered, did my hair (which was significantly more challenging than normal because I just got it cut and it has ATTITUDE issues), yanked on a pantsuit, slapped on some make-up and went to put on my shoes.

And I slipped in a puddle of dog pee and fell down.

Into the puddle.

I turned my ankle, skinned a knuckle, and whacked my head on the floor.

And landed in a puddle of dog pee.

First time in a long time (well over a year) that the dog has peed on our floor and I fell in it wearing a freshly dry-cleaned suit on a morning when I couldn’t afford to be late.

Fucking Murphy’s law.

So I bellowed at the mister, who was, of course, still soundly asleep, to deal with the pee while I stripped and got back intothe shower. I didn’t have time to do my hair again, so I just ran a comb through it and hoped it would air dry by the time of my court appearance.

Since my only clean suit had just gotten a dunking, I was stuck tossing on a skirt and sweater set and hoping I could get away with it. I struggled into a pair of pantyhose, tossed my mascara into my bag for application on the train, and ran like hell for the door.

The good news is that after falling into a puddle of urine, your day can only improve.

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MOLLY said...

Ahhh - that's awful. I've stepped in my share of pee puddles before, but I've never actually landed in one. Yuck! I hope the hearing went alright.