Monday, November 10, 2008

Help! Advice Needed!

I’m getting pictures taken as a Christmas gift for the mister.

There’s a local photography studio that does pin-up photography and I’m headed over there in less than two weeks for a photo shoot. (Tasteful, not nude. Maybe tacky, but not vulgar.)

What the hell should I wear?

Options I’ve thought of thus far (things already in my wardrobe):

A suit. I own many. Personal fave: a Calvin Klein number with a knee-length pencil skirt and belted blazer in a black-and-white houndstooth. Also a gray skirt suit, a black skirt suit (that one’s my funeral suit – perhaps not the best option). There are several pantsuits but I’m going with a big fat no on those. There’s also an entire closet full of work clothes: blazers, professional tops, slacks, skirts, boring control top pantyhose, and plain white camisoles.

A men’s white oxford and bare legs. Classic and something I would actually wear. Well, not in public, but...shut up.

A nightie. I own a couple, most of them gifts from my bridal shower. The problem is that the ones that qualify as “sexy” also qualify as see-thru, and I’m not quite comfortable with that.

Lingerie. I mostly own serviceable undies and boring beige bras. I’m a definite comfort over style kind of girl. And the va-va-voom stuff I own, well, a lot of it came from my bridal shower, and it is DEFINITELY va-va-voom but I’m not particularly sure I want the mister carrying a picture of me in teeny-tiny undies in his wallet.

Do you see why I need help? Suggestions, please. Stores that I can afford to shop at, outfits you think would be cute, anything.

(I am not kidding, you people had better give me ideas or I’m going to end up getting these pictures taken in my leggings and Ugg boots.)


MOLLY said...

You'll be a sexy mama no matter what you wear!

Elizabeth said...

I like the white shirt idea best so far.