Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Moral Quandry

The mister thinks he is sneaky.

He is not sneaky.

He thought he surprised me with his proposal of marriage.

He did not. He had been twitchy and nervous for a couple of days before he asked me and I pretty much knew it was coming.

He thought he hid my Christmas present well.

He did not.

I know EXACTLY where it is (in the basement by the rack where he hangs his bicycling gear).

So far I have managed to avoid giving into temptation and sneaking a peek.

But I only have so much willpower.

Do I:

  1. Look, shut my mouth and act surprised on Christmas morning;
  2. Attempt to exercise some self control and avoid peeking for the next two weeks (good luck), or;
  3. Tell him he's not sneaky and he has to either move the present or give it to me now, because if he doesn't I'll be in the basement in about four minutes, digging through his bike gear to find it.

(Although, the mister reads this now, sometimes, and hopefully he'll read this and take a hint and MOVE TEMPTATION before I give in and peek.)

UPDATE 12/10/08 8:00 a.m.: I got home from work last night and the mister informed me that my dear friend KVE had texted him and informed him of my knowledge regarding the whereabouts of my Christmas gift. He heeded her advice and relocated said gift to "a spot you'll never find."

I think it'll take me another day or two to figure out that location.


Elizabeth said...

I would want to peek SO much, but ruining someone else's surprise kind of sucks, so I would tell him to move it.
Now I kind of want to know what it is and I want you to go look and tell ME. I obviously can't handle surprises AT ALL.

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Buster said...

Wow. New and interesting blog spam. I usually delete it, but that one is HILARIOUS.

MOLLY said...

Hahahhah - too bad you're not a biker single Buster. Did you tell the boy to move the present?