Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Season

I love the Christmas season.

I hate that it now starts in October, but the real Christmas season, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I love.

I love music in the stores and freshly fallen snow and the agreement my friend B and I have to not buy each other gifts but to spend time with each other instead.

I love ornaments and twinkly lights and little kids hanging stockings.

I love snow ball fights and fur-lined boots and hot chocolate.

I love pretty scarves and Christmas cards and homemade cookies.

I love Christmas carols and midnight mass and the hustle that is trying to see his family and my family and not kill anyone in the process.

I love putting Santa hats on my dog and helping my mom make caramels and sitting down to a prime rib dinner.

I love that my mom burns the rolls every year and that my dad thinks my pumpkin bread is the best thing ever made and waking up on Christmas morning next to my husband.

I need to remember some good things, to think on my blessings, and remind myself that I am fortunate. There is no better time than Christmas.