Friday, December 12, 2008

Over Educated

My pal MJ and I harass each other by email pretty much every day. It's awesome. It has backfired a time or two, like the one time I was on a conference call with a federal judge out of Ohio and scanned an email from MJ while the other side was talking and I ended up snort-laughing inappropriately, but usually, it's just entertaining.

She and I both have expensive private college and private law school educations and are therefore enjoying mountains of student loan debt.

Ramen: it's not just for students anymore.

Today, MJ told me her husband had to travel to Canada for his job. Both she and I managed to correctly spell Saskatchewan on the first try.

My comment: And this is what nearly $200,000 in education will get you, right?
Her response: Hell yes! We are INCREDIBLE spellers.

What a pity we cannot make careers out of this.


MOLLY said...

At least we can be proud of something. :) We could smoke 5th graders in a spelling bee.

Janet said...

Sadly, my $350K of education did not teach me how to spell. I am terrible. Absolutely terrible!

So, it could be worse! I can read and comprehend with the best of 'em, though. You'd think that would make me an awesome attorney, but you'd think wrong...