Saturday, January 24, 2009

I don't think anyone would blame me if I took up drinking

It’s sucker punches, nasty surprises, awkward situations, and tears pretty much all the time for me right now.

There was last weekend, which was, you know, brutal.

And yesterday. My boss called me into my office at 4:45 (never good on a Friday). While I’m not terminated yet it’s very, very likely that I will be within the next week or so.

My reactions to this are many and varied, including an overwhelming feeling of failure, gratefulness for the honesty, sadness that it has come to this, and flat out panic regarding finances.

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MOLLY said...

Oh honey. I'm so sad/angry for you right now. Please, please, please - don't feel like you're a failure. It took me a long time to realize this for myself after my tragic experience at the same firm - but I now realize that I wasn't the failure - the firm was. Don't let them make you doubt your ability as a lawyer, or even as a litigator. You are an awesome lawyer - so much better than many I come into contact with. Hang in there - there's a reason for this. I promise. Don't panic. Call me if you need to talk!