Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Believe

• That there is nothing wrong with dipping french fries in ice cream;
• That a good mascara is the best beauty investment;
• Followed closely by eyebrow waxing/plucking/shaping by a professional;
• That a good cry will make you feel better;
• That there’s nothing more uplifting than your dog wiggling with delight when he sees you come in the front door;
• That my worth as a human and as a woman is not in any way related to my weight, waist circumference, or bust size;
• That the best compliment you can give a person is that they are a person of substance;
• That people who keep perfectly organized sock drawers are freaks of nature;
• That you should always be kind and grateful to people in the service industries;
• That there is no harder household chore than folding the fitted sheet;
• That there is such a thing as too much fiber;
• That my legs really do look better in high heels;
• That learning to not take someone else’s shit is a great accomplishment;
• That growing up is hard and being a grown up is harder;
• That college is not about the classroom (at least not completely);
• That bad parents are worse criminals than 95% of the people in prison right now;
• That pantyhose are the tool of the devil;
• That there’s no substitute for a handwritten thank-you note;
• That music makes the day go faster;
• That watching a storm blow across the desert is one of the most stirring sights in the world;
• That hearing wolves howl in the Boundary Waters is one of the most spiritual sounds in the world;
• That good friends are God’s greatest gift;
• That farts are funny;
• That expensive sunglasses just aren’t worth the money;
• That vanilla éclairs from The Wedge are quite simply glorious;
• That a new haircut has magical properties;
• That you need to take the time to appreciate sunsets and pretty days;
• That it’s okay to not get any pictures of your vacation because you were too busy having fun to dig the camera out of the luggage;
• That it’s okay to not want to be a bridesmaid;
• That it is perfect acceptable to insist that your in-laws call before dropping by;
• That sometimes the silent treatment is the best response;
• That Diet Coke is wonderful, and
• That love is the answer.


MOLLY said...

You're so cute. I love it. I have yet to believe that my worth doesn't depend on my weight - what's the secret?

Janet said...

I agree with you nearly 100%... except for the sunglasses bit. They are one of the few indulgences that I recently began to allow myself. When I put them on, I feel like a movie star (I recognize that this is silly and ridiculous, but it's true nonetheless).

I will say this, though: shop around for designer sunglasses. I had a pair that I adored for 2 years, and they tragically were swiped at a wedding I attended this summer. I tried for months to find a replacement, and eventually purchased a new pair that I spent a lot of money on, but never really loved. Eventually, some frantic internet searching finally turned up a shop that still carried the old pair, and I ordered a replacement (still love them!)... so now I have $300 sunglasses that live in my desk drawer.

Buster said...

I lose sunglasses. Or break them. Either they fall out of my purse, I drop them and don't notice it, set them down someplace and never remember to pick them up, hang them from my motorcycle handlebars and forget they're there until I hit 70 on the interstate and they go whizzing off into space, or I leave them on the passenger's seat for my husband's ass to find.

If I were a different person, I would totally spend money on expensive sunglasses. But I'm not, so I buy the $15 ones at TJ Maxx.