Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mustang

The mister always has several projects going. Unfortunately for me, most of his projects involve cars, which means I never get to park in the garage, sometimes I don’t even get to park in my driveway, and ugly, broken down cars appear with such frequency that I don't even notice them anymore, other than a cursory notation that yet again I have to haul $200 worth of groceries in from the street because there's some sort of junker occupying my parking spot.

There is one project car I don’t mind – a 1966 Mustang that the mister has owned since he was 16 and is in the process of restoring.

The engine for this car is currently in my basement, various internal components, like seats and the dashboard, are on shelves in the basement or the garage, and the thing is basically a very large lawn ornament at this stage, but he's working on it. He's repaired all the rust and replaced a lot of body panels, getting the body in shape before he drops an engine into it.

The other night he was aligning body panels, moving things around so that all the curves and angles of the fenders, doors, and hood to lined up just right.

I love the smudge of grease on his face.

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