Friday, February 20, 2009

On the Kindness of Others

I’ve had a rough few weeks. And, of course, it could be worse, at least I still have my health, et cetera.

The one thing that’s been very amazing about every thing so far has been the kindness of others.

From my husband and family, who are sort of required to be nice to me and care about me, to virtual strangers, I have been very lucky to be on the receiving end of so much kindness.

My darling friends have listened to me complain, had flowers delivered to my door on a day when I really needed a pick-me-up, sent me sweet cards in the mail reminding me that I am loved, taken me out for after work drinks and Saturday morning bacon, become genuinely offended on my behalf, e-mailed me just to tell me that they care, texted me with job openings they’ve heard of, held my hand when I teared up, and reminded me that I am so much more than this one job.

My assistants at work, upon finding out about my impending lay off, have been alternately outraged on my behalf to incredibly sad about my leaving. “What will I do without you?” they ask me.

A random acquaintance, upon hearing of my impending unemployment, sent me an email letting me know of a job opening in her firm that I am likely not qualified for but will still apply to anyway.

People are wonderful. People I love and care about are being so good to me, and people I don’t know well or even at all, still care.

I hope that I will always recall the kindness of others and will remember to, in turn, be kind to those around me.

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