Monday, February 2, 2009

So, work sucks

Well, so far 2009 sucks.

First there was the implosion of my parents’ marriage and the subsequent head-in-the-sand-that-weekend-never happened-lalalalala approach to conflict resolution that has been driving me nuts.

Then there was the whole we’re thinking about laying you off, but we’re not sure, so have fun getting through the next week talk at work.

And then today, I get smacked with a decision. Take a lay off now or take a giant paycut (1/2 my current salary), work through the end of March, and then reassess, meaning “probably get laid off, but maybe get bumped up back to your real pay.”

Well, I’m sure as hell not sticking around here until the end of March, hoping they like me enough to decide to keep me around forever. That's like hoping my abusive boyfriend will take me back.

My first instinct was to be all “fuck you and the horse you rode in on,” but then reality dawned and I realized I need to crunch some numbers, see if it makes more sense to collect unemployment or collect ½ my salary for the next few months.

1 comment:

-R- said...

Oh man!

It's good that you are being smart and considering your options, but it would be so nice to say F you!