Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009: Not the year of the Buster

• I was laid off.
• BabyBrotherBuster was laid off.
• DaddyBuster got assigned crappy hours. And a crappy job to go along with working until midnight every day.
• MamaBuster: hours slashed.

• MamaBuster totaled one.
• I totaled one.
• BabyBrotherBuster’s clutch went out in his car, about 3 blocks from my house, rendering it undriveable until he fixes it.
• DaddyBuster’s little red car has suddenly decided to accelerate all by itself. This is distressing when you’re trying to stop. Thus, it too is undriveable until the issue is resolved.
• BabyBrotherBuster is now driving my little purple car, leaving me with the Jeep. I hate the Jeep.

• Mama and DaddyBuster started the year with an ugly fight.
• BabyBrotherBuster and his girlfriend are on the rocks. Big time.

So, pretty much the only Buster that’s doing well in all categories is BigBrotherBuster. You know, the one with cerebral palsy.

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Molly said...

Oh honey - what doesn't kill the Busters will only make them stronger, right? That's quite an impressive shit list - but at least the Busters have the strength to deal with it all.