Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SassyBuster, Vice President

The Conversation

The mister: You know what I think is really sexy?
Me: eye roll. What?
The mister: When you run a pneumatic orbital sander.
Me: The hell?
The mister: Really, it’s hot.
Me: No. I’m not sanding any parts for you.
The mister: Please? I just need these parts sanded so I can paint them tonight.

And that is how I ended up spending five hours sanding last night and will spend another couple doing the same today.

The Business

In addition to having an actual normal job, the mister runs a small business where he does car restoration, including body repair and high-end paint.

This is the car he did over the winter.

I do a lot of the grunt work for the little business – I draft the contracts, file with the Secretary of State, run the numbers, make the trips to the parts store, and, on occasion, sand parts in the garage for five hours. He normally hires contractors if there's work he can't get done (the contractors are usually my little brother or one of the mister's buddies - might as well spread the wealth). The contractors get paid. I do not.

So I’m thinking of naming myself the Vice-President of the little business and having some business cards printed up.


MOLLY said...

Heck yes! As I said before, you are a much better wife than I am.

JM said...

If you and he have separate finances, it might be time to negotiate for some pay, seriously. I say this as someone who has worked for the family business since the age of 12: family bosses will walk all over you unless you are very firm about being treated fairly.

Definitely go for the business cards at least. :)