Friday, June 26, 2009


I keep all my knitting stuff downstairs on a wire bookshelf - all my stash yarn and books.

I mowed the lawn a few days ago and forgot to put the gutter back on the downspout. Then it rained, heavily, all the water gushed down the downspout, and without the gutter to guide it away from my house, it poured along my foundation, soaked through the walls and puddled on my basement floor.

All my yarn is soaked, but it's wool and I laid it over my clothesline in the sun, so it will all dry just fine. But the books! They're all soaked, ruined. Ones with my favorite patterns, dog-eared and post-it-noted. Ones I used for reference, with instructions and photographs of techniques. Ones from my grandmother, with her handwritten notes in the margin. Ruined.

I'm very sad and pissed at myself for being so stupid.

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