Monday, June 29, 2009

Local woman asaults people at grocery store, forcing them to admire her handknit sweater

I made it! And it fits!

Buttercup Tee

Other recent knitting projects:

Lace Scarf
I'm knitting a wedding shawl for a friend, but I wanted to get some lace-knitting practice in before starting, so I cranked this out. Only the two ends were complicated; the long middle section was a very simple drop stitch pattern.

Pink Monkey Socks
This is my favorite sock knitting pattern and I love the rich pink color, even though the slight color variations in it pooled into different colored patches instead of disappearing in the pattern.

Boring Man Socks
I actually knit these about 8 months ago, but either the mister was wearing them or they were in the wash until it got too hot for wool socks. Then I could get a picture of them.

Gentleman Joe
I finished these about two months ago. I added length to the leg portions so they'd be tall enough for the mister to wear with boots.

Baby Booties on Quilt
Knit out of leftover sock yarn and posed on a baby quilt.


MOLLY said...

Wow - the sweater is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! And your lace work - unbelievable! You amaze me!

Julienne said...

That sweater is so pretty!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Beautiful! I love that sweater - so pretty and summery.

Swistle said...

Oh, this is so funny. I came to your main page and the first thing I saw was the sweater in the slideshow of Flickr photos, and I was all, "OMG THAT IS THE BEST SHIRT EVER, maybe I should leave a comment JUST TO TELL HER SO!!" And then I scrolled down and there is a post! about the sweater!