Monday, July 13, 2009


The mister and I recently switched garbage companies. My professed reason for the switch was cost savings. Really, though, I am lazy and was annoyed with how the other company used to just leave the cans in the middle of my driveway after they'd emptied them, forcing me to park my car along the curb, get out, walk the cans up to the house, walk back down to my car, get in, whip a U-ey, and pull into my driveway.

The new company is great about placing the cans neatly to one side of the driveway so I can still get my car up it. And, bonus! This week, I happened to forget it was garbage day until I heard the crash-bang of the truck coming down the street, and I ran outside with wet hair and my bathrobe, fresh from the shower, to drag my cans out. The garbage man met me and we joked about my forgetting the cans half the time. He smiled and said, "well, if I have time and notice you don't have them out, I can just run up there and get them for you."

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