Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recent Photos

The Bridesmaid Outfit I Did Not Enjoy
Could I have looked ANY worse? Between the hair, the wrinkly dress, and those stockings and boots, I was a disaster.
Possibly the Worst Bridesmaid Getup Ever





The Mister and Fireworks


The Mister with Lamb

Father in Law with Lamb

On Lyndale and Lake, the first Thursday of the month.

Around Lake Harriet



JM said...

What was with the stocking and boots? Were you required to wear them? Rebelling? Was it a 1995-themed wedding?

NGS said...

Lake Harriet makes me happy. I particularly love the happy canoes and their bright colors when it is white and snowy outside.

I have to second JM's question. What's with the boots and the thigh highs? I don't get it. (Shiny fabrics on bridesmaids dresses. Why do brides to that?)

Buster said...

Oh, the boots and stockings were a required part of my wardrobe that day. The bride wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. How those awful stripey thigh-highs and boots figure in, I'll never know. Also, I have one pair ofe embroidered boots up for grabs. Size 8.5. Slightly worn. Free to good home.

Pickles and Dimes said...

An Alice in Wonderland themed-wedding?

{still processing}

Wow. I require more photos, please!

Buster said...

More pictures available via above link (link to photographers' Facebook album).

The rest of the wedding/reception was totally traditional. White dress, father-daughter dance, the whole nine yards. It's just those boots...

I ADORE the photographer for this wedding, by the way. He shot my wedding and I recommend him every chance I get.

MOLLY said...

Even with the silly boots/stockings - you're still one hot mama!

Chris said...

Gorgeous pictures! It's fun to see Minneapolis through someone else's eyes.