Monday, July 6, 2009


I went shopping with a good friend on Friday. She’s one of those women whose style I have always admired; classic, elegant, put-together. Her clothes are always pretty, chic, and well made, and suit both her personality and her profession perfectly. What they don’t do is showcase her INCREDIBLE figure. I sort of forced her into trying on some clothes and putting on a fashion show for me, and she is rocking Jayne Mansfield-esque curves, with an impressive rack, teeny-tiny waist, and perfect hips. I have no reason for sharing this other than my awe at her hourglass shape.

My gym is trying to turn their information website into a social networking site and as a result, I cannot find the class schedule for my local gym anywhere on their messed-up website. I can find the LINK to the classes, but click on it all I want, no schedule appears. Newsflash, Lifetime Fitness, I don’t want to network socially with other gym members. In fact, I avoid doing it even when I am at the gym, thus the headphones, magazine and “fuck off” expression. I just want to find out what time Strictly Strength is.

The mister and I scored a bunch of free patio pavers. Bonus: my sister in law and her husband helped us load them in the truck. Bad news: I have to unload the truck by myself so the mister and I can go back up tonight and get some more. 200 square feet of patio pavers. Also known as an entire 7-foot pickup bed crammed full. Not fun for me.

I also need to cut the grass and work out (hello, weekend of potato salad, pies, and barbecued food, get off my ass), but I can’t seem to work up the energy to move.

After the success of my pink sweater, I’m working on another one using the same basic construction (top-down raglan) but this time it’s a green cardigan out of a heavier weight wool yarn. It’s going really quickly and so far I’m loving it. To think, I spent all the years avoiding knitting sweaters, thinking I hated it, when all I really had to do was use a different technique.

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MOLLY said...

I wish I had that hour-glass figure!