Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bass Ponds

Bass Pond 064
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A couple of miles from my house there is a series of small, man-made ponds. I'm assuming there are bass in them, since they are called the Bass Ponds, but I really have no idea.

The weather today was glorious, with a high in the mid-forties, which puts it at nearly 50 degrees warmer than it was earlier this week. Minnesotans come out of the woodwork on days like this. We all shed our heavy layers of winter gear and step outside in sweatshirts, enjoying the warmth because we know it's just temporary. Sidewalks and bike paths are full of people, smiling and laughing as they enjoy walking without that hunched-shoulder stance we all assume when the temperature drops below zero.

I went for a walk down at the bass ponds at sunset with the intention of snapping some photos. What I ended up doing, though, was turning my face up to the sunlight and basking in the warmth of it as it touched my skin.

Spring seems so far away right now.

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